Tuesday, August 17, 2010

summer break

So I've been quite lazy about the life updates as of late... maybe because its summer and my schedule is all over the place or maybe just maybe there hasn't been all that much going on. I'll leave that for you to decide.

Mostly what I've been up to is working, church stuff and having a bit of a social life. I must say it still feels weird to have all of the things I used to take for granted big time like warm showers, air conditioning, clean water; there are days when I catch myself whining about the littlest thing and I have to remind myself that I've survived and thrived in much worse. But for the most part life goes on in a fairly normal fashion. I'm getting more and more excited to start school again in the fall which will bring on all kinds of new challenges; which include learning spanish and having my own thesis space. Also I'm graduating this coming May which is something that I've been working on for, well around 16 and a half years, I'm not sure if my brain can grasp being finished with school yet. I'm sure I'll find some way to keep learning new things once I'm "done".

Its been a great summer so far; I have been able to get out the lake a few times and I got to see my wonderful chelsea back from Victoria for a visit. My church (Dakota Community Church) has moved to Provenche, so I've been checking out the "new" neighbourhood. We have College & Careers every Thursday and we either meet at the church or a local restaurant; its really been a great place for me to have fellowship with other people my age (coming out of living with Christians for 5 months then back to reality can be really tough). SO I am really blessed to have people around me who support me and want to hear my stories :)

I've also been struggling with food issues, I havn't felt 100% healthy since being home and since a powerful round of anti-biotics to knock out any possible parasite, the only thing that I know for now is that I might be developing a wheat gluten allergy. Which means no bread, no oats, no to a lot of things. I've been trying a gluten free diet to help figure this all out but I'm not sure if that is whats wrong or if its somthing else. Anyways I have to wait about another month to go back to the doctor to see if anything has changed. But until then I'm kind of in food limbo. Hopefully this will all be cleared up sooner than later, so I can feel like myself again. But yeah thats all for now... I'll do my best to keep everyone posted
Much love,