Thursday, June 17, 2010

being home

So my return to Winnipeg has been a little crazy, and now that my "adjustment time" is coming to an end, its back to the real world (I start work next week.) I figure I should write this all down before I get too busy. My first weekend in town was spent a little out of town actually, at the Niverville Fair! It was a great to see all my little peoples smiling faces again and get to spend the day with some of my favorite families. Though I'm not one for rides myself, I do love the ferris wheel, watching everyone do crazy things and of course taking pictures.

I was also very excited to meet Joels new little cousin Azalea who was born right before I got home. She is absolutely beautiful and has two amazing brothers to look out for her :)

My wonderfully talented sister has been practising all of the things shes been learning at hair styling school on me. Which is why I am now somewhat blonde and have a new little stud in the top of my ear. I will also be her before and after model for her total makeover competition in July which I am super excited for (I havn't got my haircut since september, its getting kind of weird.)
Other than all of that I have just been trying to enjoy my time off. Get to all of my favorite restaurants that I've been missing, see peoples new places, see everyone, go through the mountain of photos I've taken over the past 5 months, and get my tummy issues diagnosed (it still might be a parasite, I'll keep you posted.) Last night Joel & I finally went to the BDI the best ice cream place in Winnipeg which happens to be in walking distance of my house. Despite the mosquitoes it was a beautiful night.

As for whats next in my life, as I said I start work next week. I'm back at the sbux and could not be happier, I love to be busy. My church is moving buildings, so I have a new neighbourhood to explore. This summer looks like its going to be a pretty great one. Thats all for now.

Monday, June 14, 2010

look ma i made it

So I made it. To Costa Rica and back with very little damage done and a LOT of progress made. It was and generally still is very weird to be home. But before I get into that, lets just got over my last week in CR. I had an oh so sweet "team day" with the Haiti Outreach 10 plus a few very lucky friends who came along to Volcan Poas! It was a much needed after a difficult and challenging outreach to Saint Marc and Port Au Prince Haiti. Costa Rica is beyond beautiful and we had amazing weather, food and company.
After our lovely Sunday at the volcano we had a crazy week ahead of us. The other outreach teams were on their way back to the base (aka the place formerly known as home), and I was excited to catch up with people and hear all about their crazy adventures in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico City. We only had a few days until graduation and everyone heading home so we all went about making the most of that last week. We all got a chance to present about our different locations on family night and it was really cool to see peoples pictures and hear their testimonies of their time away. Grad seemed to come to quickly on Thursday night, but everyone looked amazing and we had a great meal together with "awards" lots of hugs and picture taking. I couldn't believe that my DTS was over.
I feel like in a lot of ways I'm still processing; the lectures, Haiti and the culture shock of being home. But I do know for sure that it was exactly where I was supposed to be for those 5 months of my life. I met so many amazing people, and learned so much. I can't wait for this upcoming year of school and change. Again I feel like I'm standing on the edge of something huge and I'm about to dive into it. But its a very good thing. Thats all for now...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A little preview of Haiti

I just wanted to put up a few pictures to help the blog I posted while in Haiti come alive a little bit. I hope these help to get you all intruiged to hear my stories when I come home.

the base in St. Marc

living in the refugee camp

little Emanuel

baptism in Balage

demolishing a church in Port au Prince
my team at the base in St. Marc

See you all soon,