Thursday, February 24, 2011

revelation in a kids movie

Okay so I know this is lame, I'm fully aware. BUT as some of you may know I did not grow up in church, that being said I fully choose to believe what I do. By fully I mean my family would most likely prefer that I not be Christian, I make life (especially holidays) awkward, just by being me. So when I'm at church and an old hymn starts and everyone (but a few other "first generation christians") knows it, I'm left feeling a little less than smart. Same goes for old testament Bible stories that "everybody" knows, I've been known to nod and smile and google it when I get home.

So when I was away and one of our speakers was going to play a veggie tales movie, I didn't know what to think, the only veggie tales I had ever known was from babysitting, and teaching sunday school. But I kid you not when I say this movie for children helped change my perspective. If you have the time (about 13 mins) please watch part 1 & part 2. Its all about your identity in God. And it warms my heart.

I hope this means something to somebody :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

just a few favourite things

As it is reading week and I am on my break from classes, even though I am working full time I find that all of this free time is just lovely. I thought that since I have time to enjoy some of my old and new favourite things I would share some of them.

1. TOMS shoes/ other companies that care. (and yes i'm aware that people love to criticize others who step out in trying to do some good saying "they could do more" but at least they are seeing a need and trying to help fill it.) PLUS they are cute and I can't wait until it is warm enough to wear them all the time.

2. Listening to sermons online from Mars Hill; this one The Cost of Discipleship was just what I needed to hear this morning

3. Two new worship albums aftermath from hillsong united and be lifted high from bethel church. Both of which are amazing; hillsong favourites include "Like an Avalanche" and "Nova"; bethel favourite songs if I had to chose would be "Forever and a Day", "Furious" and "One Thing Remains"

4. Having delish lunch at Stellas on Osbourne while checking out beautiful artwork & catching up with my brother

5. Having slow mornings, in which I can drink coffee in my pjs and not have to rush anywhere

6. surviving off of my favourite diet of chips and salsa, starbucks pastries and chocolate milk because if you can't eat whatever you want on "vacation" then when can you? hah

Happy february everyone, I hope its a good one for you as well!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

thanks, i really do appreciate it

As I was thinking about how to not be jaded about Valentines day tomorrow I came across my old "green apron" cards (starbucks thank you cards meant to give to each other on staff) and the kind words from just over a year ago struck a cord. How simple is it to let someone know what you really think about them? That you really and truly appreciate them. We don't often take the time to write those things down, and though it can feel really nerdy at times I am happy to work for a company that encourages this.
I dug out the notes in the front of my Bible as well and read through them. Each one was so thoughtful, so specific, honest and encouraging.
So I guess what I am trying to say is if Valentines day gives you that extra little push to tell someone you care about how you really and truly believe in them and then it just might not be so terrible. So I'm going to do my best not to make gagging noises when I see really lame couples everywhere tomorrow, but instead write a few over-due "this is why I love you" notes. So when those people who I love and hold dear are having a tough time, they can read over and over why they are so appreciated (at least by me).
Much Love,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

february means studying, freezing and thank GOD some painting

So it is officially February, aka school mid-term explosion. Despite that I have been getting to the studio I feel like even more often than I was last term. Though that could be because I have my thesis review on Thursday this week (as a part of the mid-term fun). I am actually quite excited to get some feedback form my profs, as I have been branching out and doing some different things this year.
Some finished and not so finished things in my space as of today.

Also very exciting stuff my shoes are here! Now I have to make the final design choices and get them back for their exhibit by the 18th, its a good thing I am a girl who likes a deadline because I sure do have a lot of them in the next few weeks. I am very excited to be a part of this upcoming show.
This is a section of my BIG painting I've been working on, I have a love-hate thing going on with it right now. Working big has always been very challenging for me but I think once I get past all the scary-ness its going to be worth it. My work has been transitioning to be more about temporary spaces lately and how temporary often means ignored. I am beyond excited for my upcoming solo show in GoSA (Gallery of Student Art) in University Centre March 14th and I hope to complete this big monster of a painting long before then.

I will be studying my butt off in the mean time,