Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Very exciting stuff, I was selected as one of the winners of a design your own TOMS contest which was put on by Segue in association with SOFA at the U of Manitoba.

.blurb from the fb page.
(Segue is a group of students committed to their spiritual journeys who see great needs in our world. We want to raise awareness of these needs and provide opportunities to get involved and make a difference. We intend to be a part of positive change.

TOMS represents a need and a way to help meet that need. Help us raise awareness of the need and put shoes on the feet of kids in need through our series of TOMS events this year.)

this is my design...

and these are the shoes I will get to put my design on

As one of the winners my shoes and artwork will be displayed in GoSA (gallery of student art) February 28 - March 4 & during the “Style Your Sole” event.

I can't wait to get started on this little project, it should be a great show and I can't wait to see what everyone else does with their shoes!

For more info on TOMS shoe company visit... very cool company with a global perspective!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

new year, new work

So I've been decently hard at work once again, with classes and painting and freezing my tush off taking picture outside... All of which are thing I like to do but nevertheless need a push to get going on. Since I am graduating in May I have really been focusing on trying to get the most out of this last little bit of my life that I will be in school for. Before I know it, it will all be over. Both a good and scary thing. So here are a few things I have been working on so far in 2011...

a recent photo collage

my latest painting... my work seems to be getting more abstract

Hopefully I will be able to maintain my good studio work habits well into this new year, and not get overly bogged down with my academic classes. I think I will be able to manage it all and let my academics just serve as research for my paintings.

Oh my beautiful mess of a studio. If you need me ever, this is hopefully where I will be. I'm really going to try and not get caught up in perfection this term, and just paint, "let it flow" if you will... I tend to get in my own way a lot. But have been flooded with ideas lately and am excited to translate that onto a canvas. Exciting stuff.
Thats all for now,